We are so lucky at Cooks Bay Marina to have Jason as a part of the team who is able to launch most of our big boats with his expert know-how and hydraulic trailer. We do, however, have two boats that are too big for the size of our trailer (and even for the size of our truck!). These two boats go into the water using a boat hauler who has a big rig truck and a super-sized version of the same hydraulic trailer Jason uses.

It is quite a sight to see the big boats be launched for their seasons and we are happy to share some pictures of this process with you.

Unblocking one of the big boats and getting her settled on the trailer for the trek to the ramp.

Heading to the ramp for the first float of the year!

Jason explaining how the vessel will be backed into the ramp for launch.

Some fancy driving is required for this big boat.

Both big boats being officially launched!

Another happy boater heading to their slip.

Thanks for following along!