Dear members

Summer is finally here. Let’s enjoy our time with our loved ones at Cooks Bay Marina. Get to know the amenities available to you as a member, familiarize yourself with our staff, and follow our recommendations for this summer.


Last Week’s Highlights

Father’s Day Breakfast


Thank you for joining us for our Father’s Day breakfast. We had a fun and enjoyable time as a community.
Once again, Happy Father’s Day to all of you!


What’s coming up?



Member’s Room


We have the members’ room available for your convenience. Here you will find a dartboard, pool table, TV with sports, and a cozy space to chill!
Come and enjoy all the fun stuff we’ve got for you!

Get 10% OFF the Food Truck Menu – Members only!


No water adventure is complete without delicious food. Come and enjoy our variety of tasty meals, including burgers, hot dogs, tenders, and more.

Hours: Friday – Sunday and on holidays
from 10 am – 7 pm 

Meet the CBM Team

Dawn is our amazing customer success leader, dedicated to ensuring your experience both out and in the water. She has been a valued part of the CBM team for over 4 years and is known for her warm and friendly nature, her exceptional service spirit, and her passion for water sports.
You can contact her at our office by calling 705 456-6212.


Welcome Aboard!
Let’s meet the members

In each newsletter, we’ll be introducing some members to get to know each other. Let’s give a big welcome to our members for this week.
Thank you for being part of this family!

For this season, if you refer a friend, you’ll receive a 10% discount on your next workshop service!

Marina News

Please consider the following recommendations based on the weather forecast:

1. Early June and Late July: Plan your boating activities during early June or late July when sunny and warm conditions are expected, making for the best boating experience.
2. Weather Preparedness: Pack a variety of clothing to handle changing weather. Bring waterproof gear for rainy periods and lighter clothing for warm days.
3. Stay Updated: Always check the local weather forecast before heading out. Be aware of potential thunderstorms, especially in early June and throughout July.
4. Safety First: Ensure all safety equipment is on board and in good condition. Avoid boating during severe weather warnings.
5. Hydration and Sun Protection: Stay hydrated and use sun protection, such as sunscreen and hats, especially on sunny days.



Be Aware!

Drive Slowly inside the Marina

Please drive slowly inside the marina. Excessive speed can create waves that may disrupt other boats and the office.

Do not fish on the docks!

Dear members, please refrain from fishing on the docks because the floor is slippery, and there is a risk of falling into the water or injuring yourself.



If you have any questions, send an email to or please
call us at (705) 456-6212 or our toll-free number 844-910-BOAT (2628)

We’re excited to see you at Cooks Bay Marina!



Cooks Bay Marina’s Family