With another cloudy, blustery day and a drastic temperature drop here it is reminding us about Boating in Changing Weather Conditions. There are many things that make a great day boating turn into something less than great, and bad weather can be one of them. The best way to avoid being caught in a storm is to keep a watchful eye on weather reports before heading out. If less than ideal weather is being called for it may be a good day to stay moored and enjoy the greenspace at the marina. Even on days that there is not a cloud in the sky it is important to keep an eye on radar and forecasts while you are on the water as weather can change quickly (especially on the water).

Some other tips to help keep you safe in inclement weather are: wear a PFD or lifejacket while boating, make sure someone on shore knows your trip plan, make sure all navigational lights are operational before heading out and ensure your boat has a working radio and a charged cellphone.

A little preparation can go a long way in making sure all you have to worry about on the water is having fun!


**Please note this is not a comprehensive list of safety measures for boating in inclement weather. There are courses and many online resources available if you require more information. This is shared solely as a starting point for boating safety.