The most anticipated time for our members finally arrived. Despite a delay due to a strike, the sailboats were craned in the water on May 20th in partnership with Central Ontario Crane Services. Mike operated the crane precisely, and everything was a success! Every year, communication between the crew with care and attention is crucial for the safe deployment of the boats. It’s always a great kick-off for the boating season when the boats are launched, and we feel unique happiness for this time.

The events are back, and the people are visiting our premises daily (and what a friendly people we have met so far 😃). That’s why we are all set for another incredible season of Cooks Bay Marina!

Are you ready?
So, Relax! You are here now!

Special thanks to our members Allan Wilson, Brian Elliot, Gary Taylor, Steve Laird and Tim Van Lane, which supported and helped throughout the process.
And also to our crew members Al, Chris, Diogo, Justin, Mariah, and Travis, which are always ready for everything we need.